ZoiPer Softphone for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Linux

If you need a softphone for Linux then you’re in luck. ZoiPer is one of the very few softphones if not the only one who develops a softphone for Linux in addition to Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Highly secure and includes all the advanced features you need to work on-the-go.

calncall zoiper

Security Encryption

Text, voice and video are all encrypted to ensure the highest possible levels of security and safety. ZoiPer’s softphone uses advanced encryption technology TLS/SRTP and ZRTP.

Synched Contacts

Regardless of where a contact is saved the ZoiPer softphone will look up all your contacts lists to display the caller ID and you always know who is calling.

Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

ZoiPer’s softphone is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android so you can benefit from the softphone no matter your OS.
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