Make your Own Softphone with Mr. VoIP

Mr. VoIP’s softphone is fully customizable. All businesses have different needs and require different features and functions to be on the forefront of their app. That’s why Mr. VoIP allows you to customize your softphone to suit your communications needs.

calncall softphone

Top Secure

Using the latest SIP standards and end-to-end encryption, Mr. VoIP’s softphone is one of the most secure available. You can rest assured that your data is secure and safe.

Customized Softphone

Mr. VoIP specializes in offering customized solutions for all communications needs. Mr. VoIP will ensure your team’s productivity will see an all-time high.

All the features on any OS

Video, call, chat and voicemail are included in Mr. VoIP’s softphone. Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac or Windows devices.
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